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Solar battery production process

by YINTOM 03 Apr 2024 0 Comments
Solar battery production process

Solar battery is an important energy storage device, widely used in wind energy, solar energy, electric vehicles and other fields. The construction and optimization of PACK production line for energy storage battery plays an important role in improving the performance of energy storage battery, reducing cost and improving production efficiency.


  1. Core sorting: Classify and screen the latest produced lithium battery cells to ensure the quality and consistency of the lifepo4 cells.
  2. Core assembly: assemble the compliant cores according to a certain arrangement to form the core component of the PACK, the battery module.
  3. Battery module testing: The assembled battery module is tested for electrical performance and safety performance to ensure that the battery module meets the national standards and user requirements.
  4. PACK assembly: assembling the tested battery cells with control circuits, heat dissipation parts, etc. to form the final energy storage battery PACK, which needs to pay attention to the safety, reliability and high efficiency of the lithium battery PACK in the process of assembly.
  5. PACK test: the assembled lithium battery PACK electrical performance test, safety performance test, service life test, etc., to ensure the quality and service life of lithium battery PACK.
  6. High-temperature aging: For the assembled lithium battery PACK, carry out a complete charging and discharging cycle

  7. PACk secondary testing: the aging PACK is tested again to ensure battery performance.

  8.  battery assembly: lithium battery PACk installed into the shell, the relevant components installed and debugged


The construction of PACK production lines for energy storage batteries requires comprehensive consideration of technical, economic and market factors. In terms of technology, advanced cell assembly technology, testing technology and PACK assembly technology need to be selected to improve production efficiency and product quality. On the economic side, it is necessary to optimize the process flow and equipment configuration of the production line to minimize costs and maximize benefits. On the market side, the planning and design of the production line needs to be carried out according to the market demand and trend in order to meet the market demand and improve competitiveness.

In conclusion, the energy storage battery PACK production line is an important production line for energy storage equipment, and having a good lithium ion phosphate battery production line and a complete production process is a necessary condition for the production of high-quality solar battery.

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