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China drills over 5,000 meters in the Bohai Sea and discovers a highly productive oil and gas well

by YINTOM 03 Apr 2024 0 Comments
China drills over 5,000 meters in the Bohai Sea and discovers a highly productive oil and gas well

CNOOC announced that China discovered a high-yield oil and gas well in the Bohai Sea at a depth of over 5,000 meters, with a tested daily oil and gas equivalent of nearly 1,400 cubic meters, setting a record for the highest daily production of China's offshore deep oil and gas exploration wells. It will further explore and safeguard deep ocean oil and gas resources National energy security is of great significance.

 The well is located in the central Bohai Sea. The structure is a volcanic rock reservoir. It has tested daily crude oil production of 855 cubic meters and natural gas production of over 500,000 cubic meters, which is equivalent to about 1,400 cubic meters of oil and gas equivalent. It has broad exploration prospects.

 "From the practice of China's offshore oil and gas exploration, strata with a burial depth of more than 4,500 meters are usually called ultra-deep layers. The exploration well we deployed is buried in a buried hill over 5,000 meters under the sea. The formation temperature exceeds 180 degrees Celsius and the pressure exceeds 70 megawatts. Pa is a rare high-temperature, high-pressure ultra-deep oil and gas well in China. It is not easy to complete drilling and obtain high production." said Zhou Jiaxiong, deputy general manager of CNOOC Tianjin Branch.

 The Bohai Sea volcanic rock buried hills are widely distributed, characterized by rapid lithological changes and strong reservoir heterogeneity. It is extremely difficult to explore and has not been broken through for many years. It is a traditional exploration "forbidden zone". In recent years, CNOOC researchers have explored and proposed deep oil and gas exploration theories in extension-strike composite fault zones, continuously innovated lithology and lithofacies prediction methods, independently developed buried hill fluid identification technology, and successfully predicted the development of high-quality reservoirs in buried hills of volcanic rocks in the Bohai Sea. area, high-yield oil and gas wells were discovered.

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