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German Solar Energy Storage Government Subsidy Policy 2024

by YINTOM 02 Jul 2024 0 Comments
German Solar Energy Storage Government Subsidy Policy 2024

In 2024, Germany continues to support solar energy and storage through various government subsidies and policies aimed at boosting renewable energy deployment. Here are some key aspects of the current subsidy framework:

  1. Tax Exemptions: As part of the 2022 Annual Tax Law, Germany offers significant tax benefits for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Rooftop PV systems up to 30 kW for single-family homes and 15 kW per unit for multi-family buildings are exempt from income tax on generated power. Additionally, the purchase, import, and installation of small PV and energy storage systems are exempt from the 19% value-added tax​ .

  2. Subsidies for Energy Storage: Specific states in Germany provide direct subsidies for energy storage systems when combined with PV installations. For instance, Berlin’s "Energy Storage PLUS" program offers a subsidy of 300 euros per kW of storage, up to 15,000 euros. Niedersachsen provides subsidies covering up to 40% of battery storage costs, and Thuringia offers up to 30% subsidies for both PV and energy storage systems​ .

  3. Solar Deployment Initiatives: The German government has approved measures to streamline solar deployment, targeting 215 GW of installed capacity by 2030. This includes simplifying grid connection procedures and reducing technical and administrative barriers for rooftop installations up to 30 kW​ .

  4. Financial Support: The KfW Promotion Program 270 provides low-interest loans for renewable energy projects, including PV and energy storage systems. These loans cover up to 100% of the acquisition costs at an interest rate of 2.3%​ .

  5. Renewable Energy Act (EEG) Adjustments: Revisions to the EEG have increased the feed-in tariffs for surplus electricity from household PV systems. For instance, as of July 2022, the tariff for grid-connected systems below 10 kWp is set at 8.6 euro cents/kWh, with additional subsidies for fully grid-connected setups​ .

  6. National Strategy: The Federal Ministry of Economics' energy storage strategy, introduced at the end of 2023, aims to enhance the regulatory framework for energy storage, addressing approval processes and network access to facilitate broader deployment​ .

These policies are part of Germany's broader strategy to transition to renewable energy, enhance energy security, and meet its climate goals.

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