Technical Support & Services

1, Project Design: Assist in the design of wellhead fractional gas projects, including project layout, equipment selection and compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

2, Process Technology: Evaluate and optimize project processes to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, including performing process simulation, performance analysis and troubleshooting.

3. Equipment Selection: Advise on supply chain strategies to guide the selection of equipment to be purchased for wellhead fractional gas projects, including purification towers, regeneration towers, heat exchangers, etc.

4, Quality Control: Develop quality control programs to ensure that equipment meets specified performance standards and regulatory criteria, including key parameters such as composition, purity and temperature monitoring.

5, Commissioning and start-up: Provide support during the commissioning and start-up phases of a wellhead fractional gas project to ensure a smooth transition from construction to operation, including performance testing, operations training, etc.

6. Facility Maintenance: Optimize the performance and longevity of wellhead FNG facilities, including reliability analysis, development of maintenance plans and implementation of maintenance techniques.

7, Safety and Risk Management: Implement safety measures and risk management assistance to ensure safe production at wellhead FNG projects, including conducting safety audits, hazard assessments and emergency response plans.