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Huge shortage of charging piles in Europe and the United States, the market is expected to rapidly release, overseas charging piles are progressing rapidly

Under the pressure of carbon emissions, countries around the world have introduced relevant policies to promote the development of the...
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New panel charged with helping Massachusetts meet its renewable energy goals

Updated 4:24 AM GMT+8, July 6, 2024 BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced the formation this week of...

Exclusive Analysis of Australia: Household Storage Profits Slide, Commercial and Industrial Storage Accelerates Start-up

On July 3, Australia's Federal Treasurer tabled the Australian Future Manufacturing Bill in Parliament, which plans to provide $3.2 billion...

How Long Do Home Solar Batteries Last ?

Whether it’s to keep critical loads running during a power outage or to strategically offset demand charges for a less...
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