Recovery of natural gas liquefaction

Our company combined with the actual area of the project, demonstrated the gas components of the scattered gas venting, developed a natural gas mobile skid mounted equipment technology, applicable to a wide range, the formation of modular skid mounted product mix, multi-skid with adjustable production capacity and to meet the needs of different temperatures, convenient for new construction, relocation, can be completed within 1 month after the arrival of the equipment to the site of the overall installation of the device commissioning delivery and use.

Process flow: LNG liquefaction station is built at the wellhead of the scattered gas wells, and the natural gas has to be separated, regulated and stabilized, desulphurized, dewatered, dehydrocarbonized, dried and liquefied, and then the finished LNG is transferred to the LNG storage tanks. The process of each station is slightly different according to the difference in the gas quality of the natural gas released from the scattered wells.