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How to match the right energy storage battery to your home energy storage system

by YINTOM 17 May 2024 0 comentários
How to match the right energy storage battery to your home energy storage system

Nowadays, with the increase in electricity prices due to the energy crisis and the decrease in revenue caused by the adjustment of subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, more and more households are choosing to install energy storage systems. As the foundation of the energy storage system, how to choose a suitable battery has become the concern of many users.

Battery type

Currently the mainstream household energy storage battery can be divided into two categories, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium solar batteries account for the vast majority of the market, while the lead-acid batteries are gradually fading out of the stage of history.

Lithium batteries are mainly lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary and lithium titanate. Lithium iron phosphate batteries accounted for more than 90% of the total amount of lithium batteries in household storage, it has a high energy density, about 160Wh/kg or so, the cycle life of up to 6,000-8,000 times, and the structure is stable, low security risks, widely welcomed by the public; ternary lithium batteries compared to the lithium iron phosphate battery have a higher energy density of more than 200Wh/kg, power density is also greater, but its own structure is relatively unstable! However, its structure is relatively unstable, easy to thermal runaway, the number of cycles is only about 2000 times, the price is more expensive; lithium titanate battery is a high-performance lithium batteries, energy density between lithium ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate, and the structure is stable, lower safety risks, the number of cycles is as high as 15,000-20,000 times, but the cost is very high, the price is very expensive.

Battery system

Energy storage batteries can be divided into low-voltage storage batteries and high-voltage storage batteries according to the different ways of connection in the circuit, this high-voltage and low-voltage does not mean that the voltage of the two in the numerical value of the high and low, but rather refers to the way the battery in the whole system of the circuit connection.

Low-voltage storage battery voltage is usually between 48-60V(48 volt lithium battery), the use of batteries and batteries can not be connected in series to increase the voltage (that is, no matter how many batteries access, the voltage is always the same), the battery belongs to the low-voltage part of the whole system, so it is known as low-voltage energy storage system. Low-voltage energy storage battery on the BMS requirements are low, the technology is more mature, so the price is also lower, but the energy loss of the whole system will be relatively large, the battery charging speed is slow, there may be a high-power load when the power is not enough.

High-voltage storage battery voltage is usually between 80-100V, some manufacturers will do lower, some will be higher. When using high voltage batteries in series for boosting, the final overall voltage can be raised to about 400-600V (household storage), the battery in the whole system belongs to the high-voltage part, so it is called high-voltage energy storage system. High-voltage energy storage batteries have higher technical and safety requirements for BMS, so the price is also higher, but the high-voltage system has less energy loss, faster charging rate, and can drive a higher power load.

On the whole, if there are more people, higher load power, and higher requirements for charging time of the family, then consider choosing high-voltage energy storage battery, and vice versa for low-voltage energy storage battery.

The choice of battery capacity depends mainly on the amount of electricity used during a power outage, while customers can choose according to their own preferences for factors that have little to do with battery characteristics, such as the appearance of the battery and the installation method.

KTenergy storage battery, using the international first-class brand A grade quality battery cells, with professional self-research intelligent BMS, product performance is superior, complete type, safety and security, and can provide one-stop energy storage solutions, to solve the confusion from the choice of products until the system installation and use. Professional service makes the choice more assured.

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