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How engineers monitor the status of lithium batteries

by YINTOM 01 Jul 2024 0 Comments
How engineers monitor the status of lithium batteries

Lithium battery packs generally consist of several single or several cells connected in series. Due to the existence of a single battery pack, the system cannot realize the system function by a single hardware or a single hardware. In order to solve the above problems, the general use of battery management system software and hardware combination of ways to achieve the monitoring of battery packs, that is, you can use the host computer software for remote control; you can also use multiple computers through network communication to achieve the monitoring of battery packs.

  1. The main functions of lithium battery remote monitoring system are:

Real-time monitoring of the battery pack voltage and temperature, real-time mastery of the current state; real-time view of the battery charging and discharging status; to realize online fault alarms, automatically send SMS or telephone alarm reminders; to provide remote management interface, at any time to master the battery pack operation.

  1. Lithium battery pack monitoring and management:

Data acquisition is the process of collecting information about the battery pack, mainly including voltage, current and temperature. Using A/D converter to convert these parameters into electrical signals, and then send the signal to the microcontroller, after data processing for display and alarm, and at the same time send the alarm information to the gateway through RS485 communication. The gateway sends the data to the cloud for management. The data can be viewed remotely on the platform.

  1. Remote data viewing:

Data can be viewed on the client side, displaying voltage, current, power and other data in the graph. Battery power: According to the set target voltage value and discharged to the specified cut-off value according to the preset target, and then calculated by the voltage-current curve. Battery pack status: you can see the current working status of the battery pack including: voltage, current, power, and display the corresponding curve; when the battery voltage is lower than the set lower limit, it displays the low voltage alarm; Battery temperature monitoring: monitor the temperature value for alarm. Through the cloud platform and configuration software, you can remotely view the equipment data in real time via cell phone, and use big data report analysis, which is conducive to the administrator can macroscopically understand the equipment, so as to formulate a more optimized and feasible program.

  1. Lithium battery charging and discharging protection:

Lithium battery charging and discharging protection system is mainly composed of hardware and software, through the monitoring of the current in the battery pack, the battery can be charged and discharged to ensure the normal operation of the battery pack. The lithium battery pack management system realizes the charging and discharging protection function of lithium battery by monitoring the voltage, current and temperature of the battery and other parameters.

  1. Early warning control function:

Early warning control function can warn the abnormal situation of voltage, current and other parameters, when the abnormal value reaches the set threshold, the system will issue an alarm in time, which can effectively prevent the battery from short-circuit, over-discharge and so on. When the temperature or current is abnormal due to excessive changes in temperature, current or voltage during battery operation, the system will issue a telephone alarm. The lithium battery pack management system realizes real-time monitoring of the working status of the battery pack; provides a perfect solution for remote monitoring of the battery; adopts advanced control algorithms and equipment, realizing intelligent and efficient battery management; also provides real-time monitoring function, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the equipment; and lays a solid foundation for improving the management level of the battery pack.

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