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How lithium batteries are assembled

by YINTOM 22 May 2024 0 Comments
How lithium batteries are assembled
  1. Preparation materials and tools: the following materials and tools are needed to assemble lithium batteries, taking 12V li ion battery as an example:

(1) Li-ion battery monomer: choose a suitable Li-ion battery monomer according to the need, common lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, etc., such as lithium battery 18650.

(2) Protection circuit board: used to monitor and protect the lithium battery voltage, temperature and current and other parameters.

(3) Conductor: Used to connect the lithium battery cell and the protection circuit board.

(4) Battery clamps: used to fix the lithium battery unit and protection circuit board.

 (5) Battery pack case: used to fix and protect the lithium battery pack. 

  1. Check the materials: Before assembling, you need to check whether the lithium battery cells and protection circuit board are intact, and make sure that their specifications and parameters meet the requirements. Particular attention should be paid to the capacity, voltage and maximum charge/discharge current of the rechargeable aaa lithium batteries to ensure that they are suitable for the required application scenarios.
  1. Connect the protection circuit board: Connect the protection circuit board to the lithium battery monobloc, make sure the connection is solid and correct according to the pins of the circuit board. Generally speaking, the protection circuit board will be marked with positive and negative pins, which need to be connected with the positive and negative poles of the lithium battery unit.
  1. Fix the protection circuit board: Use tape or other fixing methods to fix the protection circuit board on the lithium battery unit to prevent it from loosening or shifting. Ensure that there is no metal contact between the protective circuit board and the lithium battery unit, so as not to cause a short circuit or other safety problems.
  1. Connect the wires: Connect the wires to the positive and negative terminals on the protection circuit board as required, ensuring a firm connection. Use soldering or other suitable connection methods to ensure that the connection resistance between the wires and the pins of the protection circuit board is as low as possible.
  1. Assemble the battery pack: Place the assembled lithium battery cells into the battery pack housing and secure as necessary. Ensure that the lithium battery cells are properly spaced apart to dissipate heat and prevent short circuits.


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