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The importance of the cell to the overall battery

by YINTOM 01 Apr 2024 0 Comments
The importance of the cell to the overall battery

The most important part of lithium battery is the battery lithium cell, its role includes storing energy, and releasing energy. Because lifepo4 lithium batteries are composed of many cells, the use of lithium batteries with poor cell consistency will affect the use of the battery, which can seriously lead to the whole lithium battery can not be used; and the consistency of lithium batteries with the cell, so it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the cell.

How to control the consistency of lithium battery?

The inconsistency of the performance of the battery cell are formed in the production process, deepened in the process of use, the same lithium battery pack within the cell weak constant weak and accelerated weakening, the degree of dispersion between the parameters of the single cell with the deepening of the degree of aging and increase. The current engineers to deal with the inconsistency of the single cell is mainly from three aspects: single lithium battery sorting, thermal management after grouping, a small number of inconsistencies in the battery management system to provide equalization function.

cell consistency improvement: minimize material suppliers, materials and batteries, the larger the batch the more conducive to improving consistency, reduce batch differences; try to improve the degree of automation of the equipment, select high-precision, high-stability equipment is conducive to improving the consistency of the battery;

battery grouping must be strictly consistent screening: the larger the batch of the same batch of production products, the greater the consistency of the guarantee, strict control of mixed batch grouping; to ensure that the lithium battery grouping data detection is accurate, the battery screening is accurate, and do a good job of storing and analyzing the data;

increase the safety protection equalization detection circuit or put in the equalization of maintenance devices: to ensure that the equalization function of the battery protection system is really effective, to prevent over-charging and over-discharging; protection system failure is a very important factor in the cause of lithium battery failure.

Control the consistency of lithium batteries is recommended the best use of automated battery equipment production, each process should have the ability to self-test and intact quality control capabilities, if it is to control the consistency of lithium battery packs to voltage, capacity, power internal resistance, self-discharge and other consistency of the match, normally through the screening function to achieve.

The better the consistency of the cell, charge for lithium ion is faster and the longer the battery life.

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