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What are the protection functions of lithium batteries

by YINTOM 27 May 2024 0 Comments
What are the protection functions of lithium batteries

The protection function of lithium battery is mainly based on BMS:

(1) The lithium storage battery BMS has analog measurement function: it can measure the voltage and temperature of the single cell in real time, and measure the terminal voltage and current of the battery pack and other parameters. Ensure safe, reliable and stable operation of the battery to ensure that the service life of the single battery requirements to meet the requirements of the single battery, battery pack operation optimization control.

(2) lithium energy storage battery BMS with online SOC diagnosis: on the basis of real-time data acquisition, establish expert mathematical analysis and diagnostic model, online measurement of the battery's residual power SOC. at the same time, intelligent correction of SOC prediction according to the battery's discharge current and ambient temperature, etc., to give a more in line with the battery's residual capacity under the changing loads and the reliable use of time.

(3) Battery system operation alarm function: display and report alarm information when over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high temperature, low temperature, communication abnormality, BMS abnormality, etc. occur in the battery system operation.

(4) Battery system protection function: the battery may appear in the operation process of serious overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent (short circuit) and other abnormal fault conditions, through the high-voltage control unit.

Realize rapid cut off the battery circuit, and isolate the fault point, timely output sound and light alarm information to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.

In order to protect the timely and reliable, the energy storage system reserves 2-way hard node, BMS detects that the battery system reaches the protection limit, the BMS through the dry node will send the protection limit value to the PCS, prohibit charging and discharging.

(5) lithium energy storage battery BMS has a communication function: the system can communicate with PCS through CAN, the communication protocol supports Anchoray PCS communication protocol, and the backend adopts RS485 to communicate, the communication protocol is the standard Modbus protocol.

6) Thermal management function: the operating temperature of the battery pack is strictly monitored, if the temperature is higher or lower than the protection value, the battery management system automatically cuts off the battery circuit to ensure system safety.

(7) lithium storage battery BMS with self-diagnosis and fault tolerance: the battery management system adopts advanced self-diagnosis and fault tolerance technology, the module itself has a self-test of hardware and software, even if the internal failure or even damage to the device, will not affect the safety of battery operation. Will not be due to the failure of the battery management system leading to energy storage system failure, or even lead to battery damage or malicious accidents.

(8) lithium energy storage battery BMS with self-diagnostic function, BMS and external communication interruptions, BMS internal communication abnormalities, analog acquisition abnormalities and other faults self-diagnostics, and can be reported to the system.

(9) Equalization function: passive equalization, equalization current up to 200mA.

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